Nestled in the tree lined grounds of Brentwood Manor, a National Heritage Home, My Day Spa offers you tranquility as well as the undivided and individual attention you deserve.


Our Vagheggi products are world class, focussed on the most natural, effective and well tolerated ingredients that are designed to be bring the best solution for your unique skin type, for more information on any of our facial treatments please contact us.

Beauty break

For all types of skin, relaxing, refreshing

45 mins $80.00

White Moon

All ages of skin with uneven or grey complexion, dullness, corneal thickening, blemishes & skin

1hr $125.00

Ultimate hydration

Excellent for dehydrated or very dry skin

1hr $125.00


For mature,prevention, ageing skin & early wrinkles

1hr $125.00


For oily, sensitive, combination skin & black heads

1hr $125.00 


Pure energy, for stressed skin   

70 mins $145.00 

75.15 Line

For all mature skin types this facial include two beautiful masks to forcibly combat skin ageing. Lifts coolagen, anti ageing, reactivates youth proteins and redefines skin texture.

75 mins $165.00

Add on treatments for facials

Milia Extraction

30 mins $50.00, 45-60 mins $80.00


15mins $20.00

Scalp massage

15 mins $20.00

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