Nestled in the tree lined grounds of Brentwood Manor, a National Heritage Home, My Day Spa offers you tranquility as well as the undivided and individual attention you deserve.


Our massage therapists are experienced and trained to bring you the best massage fitted to your needs, everything from simply relaxing through to pregnancy and Jet lag.

Full body massage (Balinese)

Long Strokes, skin rolling and pressure point application is used in this relaxing massage to relieve stress, tension and improve circulation

1 hr $95.00, 90 mins $140.00

Back, neck and shoulders (upper body)              

Ideal for stressed professionals, those working long hours at a desk

30 min $65.00, 45min $80.00, 1hr $95.00

Hot stone massage

A very relaxing treatment involving the use of hot stones to loosen tight muscles and restore balance

75 min $140.00

Lava Shell massage

Warm smooth shells are used to get into stubborn areas of tension in a gentle and soothing way 

1hr $125.00

Baby bump massage (16 weeks onwards)

Soothe away the stresses of pregnancy, either before or after birth. Improving sleep, including decreasing back and leg pain.

A comfortable yet effective massage, safe for you and your baby

1hr $95.00, Upper body only 45 min $80.00

Jet lag massage

This pre or post flight massage treatment stimulates circulation, reduces swelling and eases muscle tension before or after any journey. Special attention is given to the feet and lower leg.

1hr $110.00

Foot and leg massage

Coconut scrub foot and lower leg massage. A lovely relaxing massage including the beautiful coconut scrub to soften and smooth your skin:

45min $80.00

Hair treatment and scalp massage:

(hair cream bath) Relaxing and revitalising for dry hair and relieves tension

45 min $80.00

Add on treatment for any massage:

Scalp massage

15 mins $20.00

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